"The President's security is always number one:" Secret Service on hand at Laborfest

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Heavy security in Milwaukee on Labor Day -- as President Barack Obama flew into town on Air Force One, and spoke at Maier Festival Park as part of Milwaukee's Laborfest event. The best way to describe the level of security at Maier Festival Park on Monday, September 1st to ensure the President's safety might be airport-level security -- and of course, the Secret Service was also on hand to make sure everything went smoothly.

There were long lines around metal detectors at Maier Festival Park on Monday -- as folks waited to enter the Summerfest grounds to participate in Milwaukee's Laborfest, and hear President Obama deliver a speech.

"They check everything real good. That's why I left everything at home today," Becky Flynn said.

The added security both inside and outside Maier Festival Park was hard to miss.

"I've noticed the Secret Service wandering around, which is good," Edward Washington said.

"You can tell the Secret Service, with the pieces in their ears," Flynn said.

Anticipating the President's arrival, Milwaukee police officers patrolled the Third Ward from the ground and above.

"On the buildings -- security. I noticed that as I came in. They`re all over the buildings and everything -- walking around everywhere," Flynn said.

"They`re everywhere. I see the horses. I see the people. I see the policemen on the motorcycles," Washington said.

While President Obama spoke Monday, the area surrounding the grounds was cleared.

"The President's security is always number one for the country -- so protect him as much as possible," Washington said.

A FOX6 News crew on the scene was on the lookout for protesters during President Obama's visit -- but only saw one man, with a "Support Walker" sign. He was not being disruptive.

The Wisconsin GOP says there were no organized plans to protest on Monday.

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