"The negotiations continue to be fruitful:" Milwaukee County, MCTS union discuss new contract

MILWAUKEE -- A new contract is on the table. But no agreement has been reached between Milwaukee County and its bus drivers. The two sides spent Friday, June 26th negotiating. While a new proposal is out there, a strike is not out of the question.

The county is offering more money in this newest contract. But the Amalgamated Transit Union says, that's not what this is about.

A vote will come Monday, June 29th to see what happens next.

They are critical rides that could be jeopardy.

"I take two buses five days a week. I need the bus to go to work, and if I can't go to work I can't pay my rent, I can't pay my bills," said Stacee Kuykendall, bus rider.

For Stacee Kuykendall, the bus system is crucial to her livelihood. She and many others are now watching contract negotiations between the county and bus drivers closely -- hoping it will not end in a strike.

"It's scary, I don't know. I'm going to have to make a plan," said Kuykendall.

Friday, the two sides sat down to negotiate.

"The negotiations continue to be fruitful, at least from our perspective," said Brendan Conway, MCTS Spokesperson.

A new 4-year contract was put on the table increasing the average drivers' $62,000 pay and lowers pension contributions.

"Let's end this threat of a strike, let's work together, let's get back to providing services," said Conway.

The transit union says, this isn't all about the money. But the threat part-time workers have to the drivers.

Milwaukee County Transit System says there is no threat.

"Our intent is never to move to all overtime, nor do we have the ability to," said Conway.

Drivers vote on the contract on Monday, June 29th while riders remain hopeful for a resolution.

"I hope they come to some sort of an agreement," said Kuykendall.

The union spokesman says the executive board will ask members to vote down the contract. If that happens, we could see some sort of action -- like a strike, happen on Tuesday, June 30th.

Despite a deadline, there's no deal yet for Milwaukee County bus drivers. They continue to negotiate with the Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS) in the effort to agree on the terms of a new contract.

Although a deal hasn't been reached, there will be no strike Friday, June 26th or Saturday, June 27th, this according to a MCTS Spokesperson, Brendan Conway. Members will vote on the contract on Monday, June 29th.

We will continue to monitor this story and will update when more information is available.