The 'Naked Mirror' that reveals a lot about your health

In his most revealing report yet, Rich steps in front of the world’s first 3D home body scanner called the “Naked Mirror” and receives a unique snapshot of his health. 

The Naked Mirror is no ordinary smart home device – it’s equipped with special cameras to capture every detail of your body for an overview of your health. The mirror was created by Naked Labs, a Silicon-Valley based startup.

To use it, you step on a special companion scale that rotates your body 360 degrees while you’re scanned from head to toe. Not only do you get a virtual 3D representation of your body, you see precise measurements including body fat, fat mass, and lean mass.

“Our goal is to create a product that helps you visualize your fitness progress sooner than anything else. We set out to make a product that would help people stop obsessing about the number on the scale and instead look to other metrics,” explained Alli Rath, who does marketing at Naked Labs.

The scan takes about 30 seconds, then after a few minutes, your 3D model is then sent to an iPhone app. Here you can see calculations including shoulder size, chest, waist and more.

It makes sense that the physically fit will love to see their sculpted bodies on screen, complete with metrics that confirm that they are indeed, in shape.

But what about the rest of us? Regular folks like myself?

Would seeing my less than stellar stats motivate me to move more?

To find out, I stepped on the scale – in next to nothing – since the less you wear, the better your measurements.

I saw my weight, lean mass, fat mass, body fat, shoulder, chest and other measurements.

It’s definitely an eye-opening experience, but I can see how the Naked Mirror would provide major motivation if you start noticing these numbers moving in the right direction.

And, what about privacy?

“Really, all it’s doing is capturing depth maps of your body using the infrared light,” explains Rath.

She says the cameras don’t actually take pictures.

“I think a lot of us have a tendency to go on social media, look at influencers, look at people with perfect bodies, and kind of obsess over that, always worrying about the destination and not the journey. What we want people to do is compare yourself to yourself,” said Rath.

While the Naked’s 3D Mirror might seem like a great fit for the gym or even a mall kiosk, right now they are for personal, in-home use only.  The mirror costs $1400 and is available now.