'The holiday spirit just envelopes you:' Pabst Mansion Christmas history celebrated

Pamela Williams

MILWAUKEE -- A place traditionally known for being associated with beer -- this time of year, it's known for its holiday display.

Inside the Pabst Mansion are little pieces of people's Christmas tradition.

"As soon as you enter the doors, the holiday spirit just envelopes you," says Pamela Williams, president of the Pabst Mansion. "We are really thrilled that we have become one of Milwaukee's traditional Christmas pieces of entertainment.

Often associated with Pabst's famous "Blue Ribbon" beer, the Mansion is known for Christmas trees during the holidays.

From floor to ceiling, every inch of this three-story mansion is decked out for the holidays -- and that makes one part of the Christmas display even more impressive.

Gary Strothmann

"There were pictures that were taken in 1985, one of those albums is left," says Gary Strothmann, of Pabst Mansion guest experiences.

The Pabst Mansion staff uses the photos as a guiding star to getting the decorations correct year -- historically correct -- year after year.

"I think you can visit this mansion multiple times of year, and every visit you'll learn something new or different, or see something new or different," Williams says.

For Christmas 2019, the Pabst Mansion has never looked so good -- with a sprinkle of modern cheer.

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