The future of the Mike Bloomberg camp in Milwaukee

Michael Bloomberg

MILWAUKEE -- Billionaire Michael Bloomberg spent an estimated $1.5 million dollars in television ads in Milwaukee during his 2020 campaign for president.

The former New York City mayor left the race on Wednesday.

Bloomberg's campaign employed over 80 people in Wisconsin. While his campaign has been suspended, his staffers are still employed and are waiting to hear what their new roles will be.

Mordecai Lee

"Organizing for an election is not a one day sale," Mordecai Lee of UW-Milwaukee said. "It might be the only days the polls are open, but organizing for an election is a long process, and what Bloomberg has done is said: I'm going to give you a heads start. I'm going to put you at the same level that Republicans are."

The new organization will be independent of any candidate, but Bloomberg himself endorsed Biden.

Earlier Marquette Law School polls have shown many Bloomberg supporters' second choice was Biden.

Khary Penebacker

"I'm comfortable with where our positions line up," Khary Penebacker, a former Bloomberg supporter said. "And I'm comfortable with him defeating Donald Trump. but I'm also comfortable with him helping the rest of the ballot, whether that`s school board up to the federal races."


The other states the Bloomberg organization will help include Arizona, Florida, Michigan, North Carolina and Pennsylvania.