The fitness app that lets you take live workout classes from anywhere

The fitness app that lets you take live workout classes from anywhere, with trainers who can watch and help you while you workout!

There are lots of apps to help you get a good workout, but a new one called Openfit is taking a more personalized approach with live classes where trainers can watch your moves and help make sure you’re doing everything right!

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Recently, we visited Openfit’s headquarters in Santa Monica and met up with Aaron Forrest, an Openfit trainer.

We got to watch as Aaron taught a live workout class.

Inside the app people anywhere, anytime, can tune in and take live classes!

“Take those knees, rotate that torso to the right then slowly abs tight rotate those knees to the left,” said Aaron as he instructed the class.

The big difference, Openfit trainers with a participant’s permission can see you in your home using your smartphone’s camera which means they can offer help and make sure you’ve got the proper form!

“The trainer said to me, ‘hey make sure when you’re doing a plank that your bum is a little bit lower than it is today,” explained Selina Tobaccowala, Chief Digital Officer at Openfit.

Selina came up with the concept Selina three years ago.

“I was a working mom, I had 2 young children and for me to go take an hour and a half out of my day to go take a group fitness class was just completely inaccessible,” said Selina.

Openfit is owned by fitness conglomerate Beach Body and offers over 360 live workout classes every week!

Plus, there are over 170 on-demand classes you can take whenever you want.

“The newest way for someone to have everything they need to manage their health and wellness in one place,” said Jon Congdon, CEO of Openfit.

The app also has a personalized meal plan!

Classes range from 15 to 45 minutes, with trainers all over the world ready to teach classes at a variety of times.

“Our vision was, could we take that group fitness class experience, digitize it and democratize access to it,” said Selina.

Real time fitness feedback is not a new concept it’s just a new way of delivering it.

“But we make sure the only person who can see you is the trainer and those videos are not actually stored afterward,” explained Selina.

Openfit costs $15 a month or $100 for the year.

It’s somewhat similar to Aaptiv, another work out app we’ve covered, but the difference is Openfit has live workouts and trainers can watch you and make corrections.

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