"The dream of his life:" USGA pays touching tribute to man who passed away at 117th US Open

ERIN -- The United States Golf Association (USGA) is paying tribute to the loving family of the 94-year-old man who passed away at the 117th U.S. Open.

The Jacobs family is featured in a touching video posted on the USGA website, sharing more about the Wauwatosa man, Marshall (Chick) Jacobs, who died while attending the tournament.

"He watched golf all the time, he was an avid golfer... He had talked about Erin Hills, having the U.S. Open. The only way he was not going to come out here to the U.S. Open was if he had passed. No matter what illness or whatever, as long as he could still get up and get into his wheelchair, we were coming here," said Jacobs' son. "We spent three hours of bliss up here."

Jacobs got to see his favorite golfer while attending the U.S. Open, Steve Stricker, and Jacobs' son says his dad was "elated."

"I think that he had seen Steve Stricker, and said I saw it all so let's go to lunch but he was full," said Jacobs.

Jacobs passed away at the U.S. Open on Friday, June 16th. His wife passed away just three days earlier.

"The joy that I was lucky enough for my sister and I and our whole family was lucky enough to have my parents until they were 89 and 94 years old... My dad got to come here and this was the dream of his life," said Jacobs' son. "He loved golf so much, he loved his wife so much, and he didn't want to be without both of them, so I think he knew that when I picked him up in the morning that he was going to spend the greatest time that he could have when he was out here."

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