The bras are back up at a Milwaukee bar

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Patrons are re-hanging bras at the Holler House in Milwaukee Friday, June 14th, after a fire hazard ruling was overturned.

The bras had decorated the ceiling and walls of the establishment for almost 45 years. 87-year-old owner Marcy Skowronski said the undergarments became the bar's signature.

Until 10 p.m. Friday night, you can pay $5 to toss your bra on the bar. All money raised will go to The Melodie Wilson Foundation and Milwaukee's Hope House.

"Oh golly yes I'm really happy to donate but it's just a lot of fun and these people here are just fun and there is just no words to describe it," said Skowronski.

The bras were removed earlier this year after the city said it was a fire hazard. When an alderman got involved, the order was reversed.

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