Thanksgiving touch football game into its 52nd year

Three generations of families have spent the last 52 Thanksgivings playing a game of touch football on a field in Wauwatosa. It all started with a group of high school friends in 1959, and 52 years later, now involves their kids, and their kid's kids. The only rule of the game is to show up at 9:30 a.m. on Thanksgiving Day.

The annual touch football game started during the Eisenhower era, and 11 presidents have gone through the <runtime:topic id="PLCUL000110">White House</runtime:topic> over the years. Along with many presidents, players say there have also been lots of memories over the years.

"One year, on the first play, one gentleman got hurt. Had to take him to the ER over here, and then he came back and sat on the sideline until we were done," one player remembers.

Players also say the weather hasn't always been so nice for these annual football games. "We've had some really frigid years, below zero and wind chills, but the game just gets shorter, but still goes on," one player said.

Older players say they're excited about passing on this tradition to future generations. "It's one of the things I look forward to most throughout the year,"one player said.

After the game, the group heads to a bar for a drink, and then they all go home, get cleaned up, and enjoy Thanksgiving dinner.