Texas sheriff added to woman's crude anti-President Trump truck decal after her arrest

HOUSTON — A woman whose pickup truck displays an expletive-filled message to President Donald Trump and his supporters has added an identical rant aimed at a suburban Houston sheriff.

Karen Fonseca said Monday that Fort Bend County Sheriff Troy Nehls "messed with the wrong person" when deputies arrested her Thursday on an old, unrelated warrant for fraud.

Nehls posted a photo of the truck on Facebook on Wednesday in an effort to identify the driver after receiving complaints. Nehls initially considered a misdemeanor disorderly conduct charge, but the local district attorney said he didn't think it would be a prosecutable case.

Nehls says publicity about the truck brought the August warrant to his office's attention. Fonseca was released from jail shortly after her arrest.

Fonseca says she won't be intimidated and will continue standing up for her free-speech rights.