Texas police officer discovers chihuahua nursing two kittens

TEXAS (WITI) -- A police officer in Terrell, Texas made an adorable discovery over the Fourth of July weekend. A chihuahua and two kittens were found abandoned at the city's animal shelter -- and as it turned out, the chihuahua was nursing the baby cats!

The unusual family was given to a woman with the local animal rescue, and mama chihuahua continues to treat the little kittens as her own.

"I looked and saw two little balls of fur with her and I thought it was a couple of puppies. Went to move into a cage and moved the mama dog out-of-the-way and much to my surprise mama dog is nursing two kittens instead of two puppies," Officer Steven Johns said.

"She'd want to come to you and she'd look at the babies and it's like, 'I can't leave them' and I thought 'now listen that little dog deserves a good home.' She didn't care what species it was, all she knew she was a mother. These were babies and they needed her," Deborah Franklin with Paws Patrol Animal Rescue said.

Franklin says the trio is almost ready for adoption, and hopes more people will consider adopting rescues.