Ten haunting photos of the Moore, Oklahoma tornado

MOORE, Okla. (WITI) -- Viewers of KFOR-TV sent in hundreds of photos of the tornado that moved through Moore, Oklahoma, and the surrounding area.

During large weather events the internet is filled with old, wrong, and sometimes even fake photos claiming to be of whatever storm is in the news.

Here are 10 photos confirmed to be of the actual tornado impacting the Moore, Oklahoma, area on May 20, courtesy of KFOR.com.

1.  A classic view of the ‘Elephant Trunk’ tornado shape seen by many:

Courtesy Somer Dodd
2.  Lowering clouds and a dramatic sky surround the storm:

Moore, OK tornado
3.  Another view of the ‘Elephant Trunk’ as it moves into populated areas:

Taken by Chris Martinez behind Wal-Mart in Newcastle
4.  A dramatic view of the storm moving through a neighborhood:

Moore, OK tornado from Eastern and 27th street
5.  In this view you can really see how tightly wound up the storm is and how much debris there is at the base:

From Marshall Brozek
6:  At its peak, the storm was around two miles wide; seen in this photo:

Tornado from 134th and Penn, courtesy Chris Jones
7.  Cameras from KFOR-TV captured the storm live as it moved through the area:

Moore, OK tornado in a field, from KFOR-TV on-air coverage.
8.  In this view from early in the storm, you can see the tight rotation at the base:

Moore, OK tornado as it crosses I-40 and 177
9.  This is a dramatic view of the storm moving through a subdivision, doing damage to homes just blocks away from where the photo is being taken:

Moore, OK tornado as seen from SW 160th street in Stone Meadows South subdivision
10.  And finally, a view that again shows how wide this storm was — you can clearly make out the base of the tornado and see a large area of debris it’s picking up and swirling around the base:

From Richard Jones, taken at I-44 and 119th street, looking at the Moore, OK tornado
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