Ten Commandments monument returns to Montgomery after 17 years

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WIAT) — The Ten Commandments Monument has made its way back to Alabama's capital city. It garnered national attention 17 years ago when it was removed from the Alabama Supreme Court.

“We’ve been convinced in this society to take God out of our lives,” said Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore.

The battle over the monument lead to Roy Moore’s removal as Alabama chief justice. On Wednesday, Moore helped move the monument to its new home at his Foundation for Moral Law in Montgomery.

“Lawyers might not like to see those commandments in schools. Judges might not like to see them because maybe restraints their power, just a little bit,” said Moore.

While Moore was speaking inside the foundation, protesters were outside with signs and chants.

“We’re tired of Roy Moore. Roy Moore needs to retire. He needs to find something else to do with his life,” said Mia Raven, the founder of Powerhouse.

There was even a heated exchange between a protester and a Moore supporter. Moore fired back at protesters, calling their actions hateful.

“Just look outside at what we’re hearing. That’s not love,” said Moore.

Moore says soon the public will be allowed to come into his building and view the monument.