Teens speak openly at Milwaukee race relations forum

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- A public discussion for teens about race relations was held at Milwaukee's Victory Over Violence Park on Thursday, July 18th, after many expressed disagreement with the verdict in the George Zimmerman trial.

"We shouldn't be sitting back acting like this isn't phasing us. It's phasing us a lot," said 17-year-old Modie Segura "We're being pushed back 100 years. Every time we move forward, we're being pushed back."

The forum allowed teenagers to express their thoughts and concerns about race and equality in their hometown.

"Scared of dying and scared of being shot," said 14-year-old Alex Walters.

"Thank god I made it home tonight 'cause most black men, they don't make it home," added another teen.

Organizers of the forum hope public discussions will educate teens and provide comfort for those who feel justice wasn't served for Trayvon Martin.

"When you're in that situation, when you know you're being profiled, please don't decide to take action into your own hands. Be wise enough to live to fight another day," said organizer James Ferguson.

Ferguson sees Martin's death as the birth of a movement to let American's in every state know that the lives of young black men matter.

"We can raise our voices and make them known to the people who can make a difference," said Ferguson.