Teens hit several pharmacies in quest to get oxycodone

MILWAUKEE -- Two teenagers are in custody, another two are being sought after the four of them went on a robbery spree to secure oxycodone Wednesday night.

The teens first walked into a Walgreen's on N. 76th St. in Wauwatosa around 8 p.m. Thursday. They implied they were armed and demanded the drugs from the pharmacist behind the counter. They got away with the oxycodone.

The teens proceeded to attempt to get oxycodone from four other Walgreen's in Milwaukee County; one in West Allis, the other three in Milwaukee. None of their later attempts to get drugs were successful.
In the last attempt, at the Walgreen's at 27th and Layton around 9:30 p.m., a security guard chased one of the teens out of the store. A customer noticed this and tackled the 14-year-old kid. The teenage boy was held there until police arrived.
"We're walking through the parking lot and I heard a commotion, saw a gentleman running out the door, saw another gentleman chasing him trying to grab him by his jacket," said Larry Miller. "I didn't even think twice, just turned around and ran after him and got him on the ground."

Minutes later, police arrived to cart the suspect off to jail.

Early Thursday, police arrested a second teenage boy, age 15. But officers are looking for a boy and girl who they suspect took part in these crimes.

If you have information that could help them in their investigation, you're urged to call Milwaukee police.

For the record, poliec tell FOX6 News, Larry Miller will be nominated for a Meritorious Service Award for stopping the suspect at the fifth Walgreen's store. They say it's great to see a citizen taking action. But they urge caution -- and would rather witnesses just gather information.