Teenage boy who escaped tells witness triple homicide stemmed from "fight over laundry"

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee police on Monday, March 7th identified the three people who were shot and killed on the city's southwest side on Sunday evening, March 6th.

The victims have been identified as 40-year-old Jesus Manso-Perez, 36-year-old Phia Vue and 32-year-old Mai Vue.

Triple homicide near 92nd and Beloit

Police say a man shot and killed the three victims around 5:45 p.m. at an apartment building near 92nd and Beloit. A witness reported hearing gunshots coming from a four-unit apartment building. The victims were pronounced dead at the scene.

Police arrested a 39-year-old Milwaukee man for the shootings.

We're told the victims and the suspect lived in the same building. Police say a rifle and handgun were recovered.

Steven Wilson says a teenage boy ran to him for help.

"He comes shooting around the corner real fast. He's got blood on him, shaking and crying. I ask him 'what's the matter?' He says 'my dad's been shot,'" Wilson said.

Triple homicide near 92nd and Beloit

Wilson said he took the boy into his home and his wife called 911.

"The kid had blood on his nose. He wasn't injured. He just had blood on his nose. He said 'as soon as he shot my dad I ran out the back,'" Wilson said.

Wilson said he and the boy went outside in an effort to find and help the boy's father. All of a sudden, there was more gunfire.

Wilson said he thought the gunman was trying to kill the boy.

"Two shots and the wind's coming this way and I could smell the sulfur, so I run back in the house," Wilson said.

Triple homicide near 92nd and Beloit

Police say when officers arrived, the gunman immediately surrendered.

The biggest question for those who live in the area now is why this happened. Wilson said perhaps, the teenage boy he helped has that answer.

"He's talking about the laundry. Somebody fighting over laundry. Maybe the machines because of the washing and that. He said apartment number three is the one who shot my dad," Wilson said.

FOX6 News knows the name of the gunman, but it hasn't officially been released by Milwaukee police.

Triple homicide near 92nd and Beloit

In checking court records, FOX6 News found the gunman has a history of financial trouble but nothing more serious.

Police continue to investigate.

Milwaukee Alderman Mark Borkowski issued the following statement in the wake of this incident:

"Like many of my neighbors, I was taken aback by news of a vicious attack that left three people dead last night in a quiet neighborhood on S. 92nd Street. I feel deeply for the family members of the victims, and I offer to their families my sincere condolences.

"This is a terrible tragedy, but it’s also quite an aberration for this neighborhood. The area is rarely the scene of violent incidents, and the neighborhood is still a very safe place.

"It’s important to note that this is an isolated incident for the Southwest Side. Police have the suspect in custody, and they assure me that there was never any danger to the general public."

Triple homicide near 92nd and Beloit Triple homicide near 92nd and Beloit