Teen shot and killed by officer was arrested back in September

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- A Milwaukee alderman has promised a thorough investigation into what happened to force a Milwaukee officer to shoot and kill a teenager. It happened near 58th and Villard on Wednesday night, January 29th, after police say the teen robbed a beer truck driver at gunpoint.

Milwaukee police say they struggled with the teen suspect behind a home near 58th and Villard. Police Chief Ed Flynn says the teen threatened an officer's life.

"During the struggle, the suspect reached in his waistband and pulled a loaded semi-automatic Glock pistol. The officer fearing for and fighting for his life pulled his sidearm and shot the suspect," Chief Flynn said.

The teen died at the scene. He was 19 years old.

It all happened moments after police say the teen robbed a beer truck driver a few blocks away.

"I was watching this young man. He looked suspicious because he had on a black mask. He had on, everything was black. I said 'something don't look right with him,'" witness Melanie Williams said.

The teen's family tells FOX6 they were trying to help the young man, but his family says the teen fell into a bad crowd and kept getting into trouble.

In September, he was arrested and charged in connection with a burglary.

A family member says the teen was working with the Job Corps program, which helps teens with job training.

However, the family member says he was kicked out of the program for not following the rules.

He was also kicked out of a family member's home for the same reason.

Milwaukee Alderman Joe Davis released a statement saying he is waiting for more details and has every reason to believe right now that the Milwaukee Police Department will be thorough and transparent in its investigation of the incident.

Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn says officers found the weapon the teen used -- and says that weapon was stolen in another state.

Police also found items from the robbery, and a mask.