Teen facing sexual assault allegations leaves Hamilton High School

SUSSEX -- 17-year-old Hamilton High School senior Daniel Koepke faces accusations of first degree sexual assault -- among other charges. Authorities say the teen abused a six-year-old in Washington County while babysitting in July.

These are charges that could put Koepke behind bars for over 100 years.

As part of the teen's bail, he is not allowed to be with anyone under the age of 16 unsupervised -- news that came as a surprise to Hamilton-Sussex school leaders, who say they just found out about the case this week.

School leaders told FOX6 News when they found out about the case, they immediately sent out a letter with students -- telling parents "the case and subsequent bail bond release restrictions should have been communicated with Hamilton High School and the Waukesha County Sheriff's Department, but were not."

The letter also says: "A cooperative agreement was reached this week whereby the student will no longer attend classes at Hamilton High School or any school in the district."

Letter to HHS parents

Woodside parent letter

Attorney Jonathan LaVoy represents Koepke. He says no rules were ever broken.

"All the players within the court system knew that he was attending school and that he was abiding by the terms and conditions of that. It is widely known and widely accepted that a school setting is an supervised setting, unless of course a student was alone in a room with Daniel," Lavoy said.

When FOX6 News asked the Washington County District Attorney -- where charges were filed, why he did not notify the school, the District Attorney said "no comment."

Sussex residents say law or no law, the school should have been notified.

"I think the school should have been notified.  I think until he is investigated some more, it should be known somewhat and watched," one Sussex resident said.