Teen faces disorderly conduct charge for threat at Greendale H.S

 GREENDALE -- A 17-year-old Greendale High School student accused of scrawling a bomb threat on a bathroom stall at the school last week now faces one count of disorderly conduct -- versus a felony charge. Nicholas Olson is accused of writing "3 DAYS TIL BOOM JK OR AM I?" on a bathroom wall at Greendale High School on September 20th. The message was discovered just after 2 p.m. Thursday, and Greendale police were immediately contacted. Detectives used school video surveillance, handwriting comparisons and interviews to narrow down the suspects. The teenager was taken into custody on Tuesday, September 25th. The threat forced school officials to move the GHS Homecoming Dance to the Greendale Middle School on Saturday night. During that time, the high school underwent a couple of canine searches and was locked down for safety’s sake. Official say no explosive devices were located. Authorities interviewed Olson on September 25th. During the interview, Olson stated that he did, in fact, write the threat on the bathroom wall. Olson stated that he did not have any plans to use an explosive device and did not want to hurt anyone. Olson reported that he penned the threat in an attempt to disrupt Homecoming activities.Police say Olson was taunted and teased by classmates for many years. Police say classmates just voted Olson onto the Homecoming court as a joke. "Obviously it's not a good thing. (Bullying is) something that we as teens have gone through," said senior Kate Jungers said. Jungers believes most teens have been bullied in one form or another, but she says Olson may have been more of a target. "He's really a good guy, but it's like he might not be able to stand up for himself as well as other people can," Jungers said. Senior Gabrielle Weber says the way Olson reacted to the bullying went too far. "It's not a good choice, you know. He could have done other things to kind of deal with the bullying and stuff," Weber said. Bomb scares typically lead to felony charges. However, police say the administration showed sympathy for the plight of this student. If convicted, Olson could face a $1,000 fine or imprisonment for 90 days. Related stories: