Teen delivers gift baskets to young cancer patients

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Seventeen-year-old Emma Paulson delivers goody baskets every month to kids fighting cancer at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin. If that's not impressive enough, Paulson herself is battling Leukemia.

"For the first year, I was in weekly for chemo and I had spinal taps monthly, sometimes even more than that," recalls Paulson.

She was diagnosed with Leukemia last year and although she still receives treatments, she says she's in a "maintenance phase" and is well enough to live at home.

Paulson's goal is to bring joy to other kids fighting a similar battle. The teen loads up 100 baskets each month filled with movies, candy, and other goodies and delivers them to children in the hospital.

"When I was in the hospital, when I was first diagnosed, there were people who would come and spend their time and there were these girls from a salon who would come and do manicures, and that made my day a little brighter," said Paulson.

Jill Wiench, a child specialist at Children's Hospital, says Paulson has great taste when it comes to putting together gift baskets.

"With Emma having that first-hand experience, she knows what will help other kids. She always puts comfy socks in because she knows the kids don't like to wear their shoes and that always gave her comfort," said Wiench.

Paulson has started giving her monthly deliveries a theme. This month, it's Movie Night.

"The movies help them pass their time. I mean a lot of these kids are feeling well enough to do things, but there's times when they feel so sick they don't want to. A movie helps take their mind off what they're going through," said Wiench.

After dropping off this month's deliveries, Paulson will head in for an appointment of her own. She says she'll continue to put others first.

"I hope to do this for as long as I can, even if it turns into something different. I still want to give back to the patients here," said Paulson.

Paulson is always looking for donations to help with her gift baskets. If you're interested in helping, you can donations to: Emma Rose, PO Box 485, Thiensville, WI  53092. You can also keep track of her project by visiting her Facebook page.