Teen Creates Apps that Give Back

While most of us spend time playing apps, there's one kid who's creating them and for a good cause. Although Cameron Cohen is just 13, he's already created two popular apps, and instead of keeping the money he's making, he's donating to a cause he believes in.

Animalgrams is just one of the thousands of apps available for your smartphone. It's simple nature, appeals to just about everybody.

"So what you have to do is rearrange the tiles to form words and get higher scores and try to compete against your friends" says 13 year old app creator Cameron Cohen, "It's so interesting and I love creating things and I love programming."

At 99 cents the app is affordable, but that dollar goes much further than you might expect.

"The fact that a patient has given back to our program, is amazing and the fact that this is a child is even more amazing," explains Dr. Noah Federman.

You see, Cameron came up with the idea of making apps after a surgery to remove a benign leg tumor a few years ago.

In recovery for 9 months, it was then he decided to give back by creating an app called iSketch. Thousands of downloads later, Cameron was able to donate more than 20 thousand dollars to cancer research.

His father, Jeff Cohen added, "It's truly amazing, not something we ever expected and we're really proud of him".

He has the same high hopes for not only Animalgrams but the future as well.

Cameron says, "I'm trying to get a lot of ideas down. I've been thinking of a bunch and bringing them to school and showing my friends, so I can try to get a good idea for a project and start developing it and see what comes next".

If you want to check out Cameron's apps, head to my Pinterest page, here.