Team allows concussed opponent to score first basket on her senior night

LORAIN, Ohio (WJW) - Days after a violent incident on the court left a local basketball player with a concussion, another team stepped up and showed support.

Cell phone video captured a Norwalk basketball player, injured in a game over the weekend, scoring the first two points on her senior night Tuesday against Clearview High School.

Back on Feb. 8, the teen suffered a concussion after being pulled down by her hair by a player from Bellevue.

“I didn’t know until the day of the game that she wasn’t playing because of concussion protocol and then I talked to her coach. He said she was done for the year,” said Clearview coach Nick Dimacchia.

According to Dimacchia, the decision was made by both coaches, officials and the players.

“We’ll do the tip and then we’ll let her score the first two points of the game. She deserves it, it’s a tribute to her,” said Dimacchia.

“We know what it’s like to train, to practice, and to have that taken away from you because of a game, that’s hard. We were just happy to see her score her points and finish her senior year,” said Mya English, junior.

The Bellevue teen was disciplined by the school for her actions. The father of the Norwalk teen says they have accepted her apology.

Clearview ended up losing to Norwalk.

According to Dimacchia, Norwalk tried to give them the two points back but Clearview refused.