Teacher harassed after appearing in pro-Walker ad

The most recent pro-Walker ad seems to have struck a nerve with recall supporters. Now, the teacher and speaker in the ad, "Kristi," is being harassed at home and at work.

Kristi's full identity, including where she teaches and all of her contact information, was published online. The release led to an onslaught of negative comments left on her Facebook page.

Though Kristi denied an on-camera interview, we did talk to her over the phone. She says she understands people have their own opinions, but says the focus should be more directed towards the issues and not her personal life.

There's even a new Facebook page started to show support for her. Friends and strangers from across the state have left messages backing her.

The principal of Kristi's school has seen some of the hate-mail she has received. He even responded to one of the emails that said Kristi should be fired. It's author replied back with an apology... saying it was wrong of them to attack her.