Teacher arrested after father walks in on alleged rape of his five-year-old daughter

WASHINGTON -- Police in Washington state arrested a childcare provider after a five-year-old girl's father walked in on alleged abuse.

Police say the girl's father walked into a classroom at the Kid's Country childcare facility on June 5th to find his daughter and a 31-year-old teacher crouched behind a bookshelf, according to Q13 FOX.

Q13 FOX reports the teacher allegedly told the father he was having a “tickle fight” with the girl.

The girl later told her father the teacher had touched her inappropriately, police say.

The girl's father then called Child Protective Services, and the girl was interviewed.

Q13 FOX says the girl, who was described as bright and articulate allegedly told investigators the teacher had raped her.

The teacher allegedly told investigators he had touched the girl beneath her underwear, but that it was "accidental."

The 31-year-old man is expected to be charged with first degree rape, Q13 News reports.