'Teach them the dangers:' New toolkit helps parents, schools combat teen vaping

MILWAUKEE -- There's a new toolkit to help parents and schools keep vape products out of the hand of teenagers. It's a free program anyone can download.

Michelle Jaskulski

Research on vaping products and their effects on teenagers can be hard to find. So the Addiction Policy Forum has worked to put the research into one place.

"We found that there's not a lot of accurate information, as far as the effects of vaping, on adolescent development or even a lot of research into what vaping products are actually made of and composed of," said Michelle Jaskulski, Addiction Policy Forum senior director.

The Addiction Policy Forum, a nationwide nonprofit, has created a vaping awareness toolkit. It has resources for parents, teachers, and teenagers.

Addiction Policy Forum

Addiction Policy Forum

"It's completely free. It's open-source. It's all available to download on our website," said Jaskulski.

It also includes a detention intervention program as a way to educate students instead of punishing them.

"If a student was caught with a vaping product or something like that during their detention or suspension or in lieu of it, they could take this online course that could teach them the dangers of it," said Jaskulski.

While the focus is on teenagers, senior director Michelle Jaskulski , says the information is universal.

"We're not trying to say do or don't use vaping products, but just that understand the risk you are getting into," said Jaskulski.

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