Tax deadline coming up quick, taxpayers scramble to file

WEST ALLIS -- April 15th is usually the deadline for filing taxes, but this year, the tax deadline is Tuesday, April 17th. There were plenty of procrastinators using this weekend to get their taxes filed ahead of this week's deadline.

Ed and Kim Zadrzynski did Sunday, April 15th what many other Americans will do this week - they collected papers, went to the tax office and held their breath. "You get that lump in your stomach if you owe," the Zadrzynski's said.

Tax preparation offices like Liberty Tax Service know people tend to wait, and their schedules reflect that. "In March, we might have had four or five people a day, and now we will have four or five people going at any one time," Liberty Tax Service co-owner Jeanne Simmons said.

Simmons says the tax deadline sneaks up on some taxpayers, but she believes there are those who wouldn't have it any other way. "I'll tell you, there are some customers I think who enjoy the rush of coming in at the end of the season. They've got a lot of things going on and that's what we're in the business for, so we're okay with that," Simmons said.

When all the paperwork is finished, the Zadrzynski's hear the words that soothe taxpayers everywhere. "At the end, when he finally comes up with a sum, they you finally go 'oh, we don't owe.' Relief," the Zadrzynski's said.

The tax deadline is on Tuesday, April 17th this year because April 16th is "Emancipation Day" in Washington D.C.