Target steps up to replace crib stolen from expectant mother's porch, captured by doorbell camera

MINNEAPOLIS -- A Ring doorbell camera captured a thief stealing a crib from the porch of a home in North Minneapolis.

Natalee Fadden posted about the theft on Facebook on Nov. 30 -- writing that the crib was delivered on Nov. 29, and stolen from her porch an hour later. She said after posting to social media, including on a local community page, she was blown away by the responses of those offering to help. She said her initial reaction was "of course this happened where I live! I hate it here," but her feelings changed when she saw the response from complete strangers.

"I needed to share because North Minneapolis gets such a bad rap that people forget there’s still so much good over here. I don’t hate it here. Our immediate neighbors are wonderful, and there are hundreds of strangers right now who, without even knowing us, wanted to pitch in and help. None of us are well-off in this neighborhood, but it takes a village and my village wanted to do anything and everything to help," Fadden wrote.

According to KARE11, Minnesota-based Target send Fadden a new crib "no questions asked." Additionally, according to KARE11, UPS officials told Fadden they'd be sending a $200 check to cover the inconvenience. The KARE11 report pointed out the UPS driver delivered the crib, but didn't ring the doorbell or knock to alert Fadden, who was home.