Tammy Baldwin talks jobs at Milwaukee Press Club

MILWAUKEE -- The lone Democrat in the race to replace U.S. Senator Herb Kohl stopped in Milwaukee Monday. Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin took questions at the Milwaukee Press Club. Baldwin says she's pushing a theme during her bid for senate: the need for equality.

Baldwin talked jobs Monday during her appearance at the Milwaukee Press Club. She says she hopes to bring more jobs back to Wisconsin from overseas. "While I talk about holding China to account for cheating, people think, 'oh, China.' This is about jobs in Milwaukee, Beloit," Baldwin said.

Baldwin touted a bill she co-sponsored with Republican Congressman Reid Ribble of Appleton. The bill would allow the government to keep taxing imports, from companies that get subsidies from their countries. "It would level the playing field and allow us to compete," Baldwin said.

The Wisconsin Republican Party says Baldwin has no credibility when it comes to jobs. "Tammy Baldwin has no ground to stand on this. Tammy Baldwin has been the most liberal member of Congress, and she is simply another lockstep liberal who has done absolutely nothing except help ram the Democrats' failed agenda through Congress," Ben Sparks with the Wisconsin Republican Party said.

Baldwin admits she has plenty of opponents, but says she's confident the majority of Wisconsin voters will side with her. "The evenly-divided and deeply-divided state is more really what we have. Now, it usually ends up blue on Election Day," Baldwin said.

Baldwin was greeted with, and left to applause Monday. In the coming months, the senate race might not be so civil.

Baldwin also said Monday there's plenty to do within the U.S. borders to create that even playing field.

The congresswoman is the second senate candidate to speak at the Milwaukee Press Club. Former Governor Tommy Thompson was there last month.