Taking steps in Waukesha to put an end to multiple sclerosis

WAUKESHA (WITI) -- Hundreds on Sunday, April 28th took steps to put an end to multiple sclerosis. MS Walks occurred throughout the state -- including in Waukesha.

It was a sea of orange on Sunday as hundreds walked the streets of Waukesha -- folks coming together to fight multiple sclerosis.

Shaun Boppre has been living with MS for three years.

"This is something we can do for him and all the other people affected with it and try to change their lives and find a cure for this horrific neurological disease," Nancy Boppre said.

Boppre was diagnosed when he was 29 years old. Dozens supported him on Sunday -- walking on his team.

"Can't imagine how much money everyone has raised," Shaun Boppre said.

The MS Walk in Waukesha was one of 18 events happening in the next two months across the state of Wisconsin. More than half a million dollars is raised every year.

"Not only is this a rallying point for the MS movement, it is also critical to keep our research funded," Colleen Kalt, the president and CEO of the National MS Society of Wisconsin said.

MS is a disease that has changed the lives of more than two million people worldwide, and 10,000 in Wisconsin.

"It really empowers families to be part of the solution," Kalt said.

"It's amazing. I'm just glad I have family and friends that support me. Not only support me, but support everyone else that has MS," Boppre said.

Wisconsin has one of the highest rates of people living with MS. Research suggests this might have to do with genetics and a lack of Vitamin D.