Taking shape: Skywalk expected to link new Bucks arena with parking structure

MILWAUKEE -- The Milwaukee Bucks are transitioning from concept to reality the possibility of a skywalk linking their new arena with a new parking structure, according to the Milwaukee Business Journal.

The Bucks had included the skywalk in an October 2015 filing with the city that was submitted with the team’s initial arena-development plan. However, the skywalk that would traverse West Juneau Avenue appears only as a lightface image in the detailed and updated plans the Bucks submitted to the city March 16.

The Bucks owners have decided to proceed with seeking approval for the skywalk, spokesman Jake Suski said. The City of Milwaukee will require the Bucks to attain an approval for the skywalk that is separate from the arena and parking structure plans.

The city is on track to approve the arena and arena district detailed plans and rezoning by May 24.

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