Take precautions for pets during extreme cold weather

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Pet owners are reminded to take precautions during the extreme cold weather expected to move into the area as frigid temperatures can also be dangerous for animals.

The Humane Society recommends limiting the time your pet spends outside. Indoor pets, when outside in the freezing cold, can contract hypothermia very quickly. Animals are also susceptible to frostbite, particularly on the nose and ears.

You should wipe your pet down after bringing them inside. Salt and other chemicals used to melt ice and snow can irritate paws and be potentially deadly if ingested.

Never leave your pet alone in the car. The same way animals can overheat in a vehicle during the summer, they can freeze during the winter.

The ASPCA recommends always having an ID tag on your pet when going outside. More dogs are lost during the winter than any other time of year.