‘Taco moon’: Taco Bell giving away free tacos on May 4

The moon is the world’s largest and brightest object in the night sky, and now Taco Bell is using it as a marketing campaign — that the whole world can see.

According to Taco Bell, the lunar phase of the moon will resemble a taco on May 4, and the fast-food chain will give fans a free crunchy taco all day on the app or online.

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The company is affectionately calling the moon’s half-moon shape the "Taco Moon," and more than 20 markets around the globe, including the U.S., will be able to participate in the offer.

"Taco Bell has been an established brand in the U.S. for nearly 60 years and we are thrilled by the accelerating fandom we're seeing globally," said President of Taco Bell International Julie Felss Masino. "As we're opening more and more restaurants internationally, we know the May 4 moon will take us to new 'heights' as we introduce ourselves to new future fans in a delicious way."

According to the company, Taco Bell is on track to operate 10,000 restaurants globally in the coming decade, and plans to give away the most tacos it ever has on a single day on May 4.

"The brand is proving that its global expansion truly is out of this world," the company wrote in its press release.

This is the first activation under a new campaign titled "I See A Taco," which will be rolling out with more initiatives in the coming months, inviting consumers outside of the U.S. to see tacos everywhere.