Swimming safety stressed after recent drowning incidents

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- The hot, summer weather has many feeling the urge to cool off and take a dip -- but even the best swimmers can be susceptible to drowning by not taking certain precautions.

Whether it’s splashing at a water park or riding waves in the lake, the water is so inviting on a scorching summer’s day. But in the recent weeks, several swimmers have fallen victim to dangerous and sometimes deadly situations.

On Friday, July 5th a 2-year-old child was rescued from a pool at Cool Waters after falling into water that was over her head.

“It gives me goose bumps so I want my kids to know about pool safety and know what they are doing," said Julie Spiezio.

Swimming lessons are currently available at Milwaukee County pools. Lifeguards say it's never too early or late to learn,

“Everybody has to start somewhere," said lifeguard Casey Cebulski. “Using your best judgment is key. Inflatable’s are something you want to avoid, because what can inflate can deflate, unfortunately. So you want to make sure it's Coast Guard approved -- something that is not going to deflate or give way and lose its buoyancy.”

Cebulski said the number one thing to be aware of is your surroundings.

“Knowing your comfort zone, knowing where the drop offs are because of the depths when it comes to lakes, rivers and ponds. We tell everyone is no more than chest deep," added Cebulski

For those who can’t afford it, free swim lessons are being offered at Washington Park pool through the 2013 Aquatic Incentive Program.