Suspect in Christopher Gray case says he's sorry

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- The man arrested in connection with the death of Christopher Gray, a Milwaukee club promoter, has said he is sorry for his involvement. Jonathan Sellers' brother, Timothy, wrote a letter to FOX6 detailing how the incident has been a loss for not only the victim's family, but his own.

Timothy Sellers says, ironically, his brother had been part of a music movement working to end youth violence.

"He is not that type of person," said Sellers. "We were trying to go against stuff like this so for him to get involved, it's twisted."

Timothy Sellers says his brother, who was recently laid off, was part of a tragic crime when he and three others allegedly burglarized Christopher Gray's home. After a struggle ensued, Gray ended up dead.

"He got two kids, a daughter and a son, and so that was everything for Jonathan. He was trying to make a way for them, that's all I know," said Timothy Sellers. "I feel bad he couldn't have made a better decision."

FOX6 has also obtained court documents regarding the juvenile arrested for burglary.

According to a criminal complaint, Jonathan Sellers says a teen, referred to as M.J., beat Gray in the head with a hammer after Gray walked in on the burglary in progress.

Documents obtained in juvenile court show the teen admits that he and Sellers battered Gray, chased him outside and continued to beat him.

"I don't believe my brother is a murderer," said Timothy Sellers. "It's a terrible mistake he made and he's very remorseful for it."

Timothy says Jonathan is hurting for all the families involved and claims the outcome was not a result of their intent.

Gray's mother, Lisa Fanroy, says she wants justice and more severe charges. Timothy Sellers hopes his brother's life isn't altered forever, as well.

"We apologize that happened to Caly Kris because he didn't deserve that. Even if they were just coming over to take his stuff, that shouldn't have happened and that was wrong," said Timothy Sellers.

Four people were arrested in connection to the case. The teen, who is being held at the Juvenile Justice Center, will have a hearing next month. Jonathan Sellers is due back in court Monday morning, December 16th.