Suspect dead after multiple shootings in Nebraska

OMAHA, Nebraska (CNN) -- Four shootings in less than an hour rocked the Nebraska city of Omaha on Saturday afternoon, June 15th - a violent string of events that ended with one suspected gunman dead and several others injured, police said.

The police tweeted that the shootings all took place in South Omaha, not far from where the College World Series -- the NCAA championship for baseball -- kicked off Saturday.

The first shooting occurred just after 2 p.m., Omaha police Lt. Mark Matuza told reporters, according to video posted on the Omaha News-Herald's website.

Twenty minutes later, another shooting was reported at a different location, according to Matuza. The third incident followed not long after that.

The final shooting occurred when a gunman was confronted by a police officer and the two traded fire.

That "suspect," as Matuza called him, died as a result, while the responding police officer was not hurt. The conditions of victims shot in the first three incidents is not immediately known.

Speaking of all four shooting incidents, the police lieutenant said, "It's unsure if all of these are related."