Surrendered: U.S. Marshals: Dominique Knight wanted for killing a man during dispute

RACINE -- A dispute between two individuals turned deadly in early May, and now, U.S. Marshals hope you can help them find one of Wisconsin's Most Wanted.

"Dominique Knight got into an argument with a man on his front porch. He ended up shooting the man in the head and killing them,” the agent on his case said.

U.S Marshals say 25-year-old Dominique Knight ended the life of 20-year-old Harry Canady Jr.

Knight did not have a pattern of violent behavior in his criminal record, which is why agents find this twist in behavior shocking.

"It's kind of one of our rare occasions. It's a guy that didn't really have a large criminal history," the agent on his case explained. "He had some bail jumpings from some small drug cases in the past. All of a sudden this homicide happened. This is a large leap from what his criminal history has been."

Knight goes by the alias "D-Knight."

He’s described as 5'11" tall, and 240 pounds. He has tattoos on his left and right arm. On his left arm are the words "Sherry," "Londyn," and "Money" on his left forearm. On his right arm are the words "Desire," "Son" and on his right forearm, the word "Get."

It’s safe to say anyone in southeastern Wisconsin should take a good look at his mug shot.

U.S. Marshals say Knight has an extensive network of family who may be hiding him. He is considered armed and dangerous. You are advised not to approach him.

Update: Knight surrendered in Texas on Monday, July 17th.