Surprising twist revealed as police investigate Waukesha stabbing

WAUKESHA (WITI) -- On Saturday, July 6th, officials responded to a Waukesha apartment, and found a man covered in blood. They were told there had been a stabbing -- and were able to make an arrest, before realizing they had caught the wrong guy!

On that Saturday, friends found a 29-year-old man stabbed multiple times outside his sister's apartment on West Park Avenue. His friends made the 911 call to police, describing the scene and state of the victim's injury.

"He's got a couple gashes on his side," the caller said. "And he's got a bad blow to the head."

Police were able to gather enough information from the victim before he passed out, and were eventually able to take a 60-year-old man into custody.

Police say they quickly realized they had the wrong guy.

Allegedly, the 60-year-old was not the perpetrator, but instead, police realized the suspect was the victim, himself.

Aimee Dean, the sister of the man who was stabbed, said her brother stabbed himself and tried to frame the 60-year-old man with the crime.

"He did it out of hate for himself," Dean said. " He had a lot of mental problems."

Dean said the stabbing was part of an elaborate hoax to frame a man she had "beef" with. Though she said she had no idea of her brother's scheme, she believes his actions may be a cry for help.

"He was very hurt and in a lot of pain with what was going through his mind," Dean said. "I mean, he was devastated with what happened."

The 29-year-old man has not been charged and is currently in the hospital undergoing a mental health evaluation. Because they have yet to interview him, police say the investigation is currently still open.