SURG Restaurant Group's "Carnevor Steakhouse" moving into space occupied by "Umami Moto"

MILWAUKEE -- A shuffle for the SURG Restaurant Group: Carnevor Steakhouse is moving -- taking over Umami Moto's space.

The owners say the move is happening after they couldn't come to terms on its Carnevor lease. It will take place in November.

Umami will reopen with the same chef, but under a different name and in a new location.

The Umami Moto space will be remodeled to fit Carnevor's steakhouse aesthetic.

The new restaurant, which SURG officials hope will open in downtown Milwaukee, may have a different name, but it will still focus on sushi.

The Milwaukee Business Journal says Umami Moto will close to start construction after SURG's August 30th annual block party on Milwaukee Street.

Carnevor will remain open through the transition, reopening in the revamped space this fall.

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