Supporters in Janesville watch Paul Ryan's RNC speech

JANESVILLE -- Paul Ryan introduced himself to the world when he took to the stage at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida on Wednesday, August 29th. But Ryan needed no introduction in Janesville, his hometown.

The Republican Party of Wisconsin hosted 20 watch parties across the state. One of them was in Janesville, where about 50 people watched Ryan's speech together.

Among those gathering in Janesville were people who know Ryan personally. They say watching him get the vice presidential nomination and step into the national spotlight has been surreal. 

Ryan's supporters in Janesville gave him a standing ovation when he walked onto the stage in Tampa.  They cheered loudly whenever he mentioned his hometown by name.

"Wow.  This is pretty exciting.  To see Paul Ryan up there on the main stage, it's just great.  It is a great event for all of us here and definitely all across Janesville. I think it's a great night," said Jason Mielke, chairman of the Rock County Republican Party.


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