Support group celebrates National Police Week

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Love and support, that's what a group of women are providing to our police officers in the form of some sweet treats.

"Words can`t describe what it provides you emotionally to understand that there are people who have your back," says Milwaukee Police Officer John Balcerzak.

The organization Shielded Hearts started in 2006 by the wife of a police officer.

It now has more than 265 members in southeastern Wisconsin, who are all women in a committed relationship with a police officer.

"We like to encourage hope in police life through education, friendship, service, and faith. So anything we can do to try to help encourage hope in police life is something that we`re going to do," says Shielded Hearts member Teresa Robinson.

These women also provide a helping hand to officers and their families who have fallen or been injured in the line of duty.

They were right there to support the families of Officer Jennifer Sebena and Deputy Sergio Aleman after their tragic deaths.

"We have kept in contact with them and we`re there for them anytime they need someone to talk to or a shoulder to cry on," says Robinson.

With this marking National Police Week, Shielded Hearts is making special deliveries to police stations with all kinds of goodies to say thanks.

"In a high stress job like this it`s nice to have somebody that`s out there that you feel are looking out for you," says Milwaukee Police Sgt. Richard Jack.

Filling the stomachs and the hearts of the men and women keeping us safe.

For more information on shielded hearts, CLICK HERE.