Supply chain crisis impacts Thanksgiving, Feeding America

Prices for food have gone up significantly in the last year, meaning it could be an expensive holiday season. The reasons are tied to the supply chain crisis.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports a 4.6% increase in the food consumer price index from a year ago. If you're buying one item, you may not notice, but if you're buying all the ingredients to make pumpkin bread, it can quickly add up.

Going to the grocery store in 2021 often comes with a surprise at checkout.

"One little cornish hen is almost $3.50 to $4 almost, and I’m just like, shocked at all this," said Kathy Jones-Rosa.

Jones-Rosa has changed her habits because of it.

"I try not to go out shopping as much anymore either, and gas has gone up, so I try not to go many places," she said. "Go to work, go home and call it a day."

The price increases are expected to impact the Thanksgiving holiday.

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"I do know that prices are probably going to be higher," said Mark Bearce, Kettle Range Meat Company. "One of the reasons is feed prices are significantly higher, so the people that are raising turkeys, raising beef, raising pork, are paying a significant amount more to feed their animals and that’s ultimately going to be reflected in the price somehow."

Bearce is the owner of the Kettle Range Meat Company. They source their meat locally, but he says things like packaging are impacting their bottom line.

"We order little aluminum pans, and those aluminum pans have increased 50% in the last 60 days," said Bearce.

Bearce says he does his best to not raise prices for customers but wants them to know this is not the year to procrastinate, as some shipments simply don't arrive.

"Maybe the important thing to do this Thanksgiving is buy what you need and buy it early," said Bearce.

All of the supply chain issues are already impacting the Thanksgiving meals prepared by Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin. The turkeys they ordered this year were 50% more expensive than in 2019, meaning donations are needed more than ever. 


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