Super Tuesday 3: Lots of delegates at stake; results could mean more interesting race in Wisconsin

MILWAUKEE -- Voters in five states on Tuesday, March 15th were selecting a candidate in the race for president, on a day some were calling "Mega Tuesday" or "Super Tuesday 3." Two states, Ohio and Florida, are winner-take-all.

Chris Haworth

Political strategist Chris Haworth said there could be a lot at stake for the candidates Tuesday.

"For (John) Kasich, this is it. This is his last stand. If he can't win in his home state (Ohio), I predict the next day he will fold up shop and move on," Haworth said.

Political pundits said the same thing about Marco Rubio and his home state of Florida.

Marco Rubio

Both Florida and Ohio are winner-take-all states.

Mordecai Lee, political analyst and professor at UW-Milwaukee said he is not so sure candidates will be dropping out after Super Tuesday 3 -- even if Donald Trump wins big.

"Even if he has a good night, I suspect the one or two, maybe even all three of his opponents are going to stay in the race. Even though it doesn't have old political logic, it might have what we might call post-Trump political logic," Lee said.

Mordecai Lee

In other words, Lee said the candidates may choose to stay in the race just in case something unexpected happens, like a personal tragedy, a scandal, or a certain political ad catching on, as they hope to be the last man or woman standing.

"With Bernie Sanders scoring an upset in Michigan, obviously, something like that could happen again -- especially in a state like Ohio or Illinois, kind of a rust-belt state where Hilary Clinton might not necessarily be as strong," Haworth said.

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton

John Kasich

If John Kasich and Marco Rubio pull off wins in their respective home states on Tuesday, this race could get a little more interesting for Wisconsin.

"What would be great for Wisconsin is if our April primary became 'the moment' where somebody definitely won the nomination on the Republican side and the Democratic side," Lee said.

There are a lot of delegates up for grabs Tuesday -- 691 for the Democrats and 367 for the Republicans.

Voters take to the polls in Wisconsin on April 5th.

Donald Trump (left) and Ted Cruz (right)