'Super Bowl for us:' Meijer sees mix of grocery shoppers, Black Friday bargain hunters on Thanksgiving

GRAFTON -- FOX6 News found two groups of shoppers at Meijer on Thanksgiving, Thursday, Nov. 28 -- those shopping for last-minute turkey dinner necessities, and those ready to take advantage of the Black Friday deals.

With Thanksgiving falling a little later than normal in 2019, some shoppers said they felt as though the holiday snuck up on them -- but luckily, Meijer is open 24 hours.

"We're shopping for last-minute Thanksgiving ingredients for baked mac and cheese," said Lindsay Charles of Grafton.

Meijer officials said they were seeing a mix of shoppers on the holiday.


"Our store is staffed well," said Steve Talbert, Meijer director. "Our whole team knows this is a big time for us. It's like, the Super Bowl for us."

Talbert said customers lined up early for Black Friday sales.

"This has really been the year for big TVs," said Talbert.

"I think because it's later this year that everything is coming at once," said Charles.



Meijer officials said they expected to sell 1.2 million turkeys for Thanksgiving 2019, and expected to sell more butter on the holiday than any other day of the year. They added that 250,000 board games would sell by the end of the Thanksgiving week.

"Just kind of browsing for ourselves," said Hailey Douglas. "We like getting deals, and games are so expensive. When it'ss buy one get one, that's a good deal."

Whether shopping for ingredients, or bargains, shoppers kept in mind what money can't buy.

"Health, happiness, family," said Charles.

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