"Summerfest is in full bloom" with massive banner hanging from City Hall

MILWAUKEE -- Summerfest kicks off its 50th edition on Wednesday, June 28th. To mark the occasion, the City of Milwaukee unveiled on Monday, a massive banner with the iconic Summerfest logo on City Hall.

"So everyone on Water St., driving back and forth, will know that Summerfest is in full bloom," said Don Smiley, President & CEO of Milwaukee Word Festival Inc.

Summerfest will play host to 1,000 performances over 11 days.

Mayor Tom Barrett says it is a "blockbuster" time for Milwaukee.

"We recognize that other communities have tried to emulate what we're doing here and really haven't been able to pull it off," Barrett said.

The gates of Summerfest open at noon on Wednesday. You're encouraged to visit Summerfest.com for more information on the Big Gig.

Summerfest banner at City Hall