Sue Sachdeva's possessions sold at sale in Mequon

MEQUON -- The chance to get high-end luxury items like china, crystal and designer clothes for a discounted price was enough to get many shoppers out of bed bright and early on Saturday morning, April 21st. The items came from Sue Sachdeva, a former executive with the Koss Corporation sentenced for embezzlement.

People lined up at Ivana's Trunk in Mequon Saturday up to get inside to see the merchandise. "It's actually an opportunity to get something that's really expensive for pretty cheap," Ivana's Truck owner Vicky Brenner-Gerard said.

The purpose of the sale was to sell off the remainder of Sachdeva's possessions. The former Vice President of Finance for the Koss Corporation received an 11-year sentence for embezzling $34 million from the company.

At the sale, shoppers found big discounts on French crystal and many other items. "There were brands and designers that even I wasn't aware of yet," Brenner-Gerard said.

Shoppers had to be patient waiting in line, but they said they did it because it gave them a chance to look for some deals. "I thought it would be fun to come here, so I called my good friend and said 'hey, let's try it out,' so we got here first thing in the morning," shopper Marcia Peller said. "My husband thought I was crazy to come out, until he saw headphones and cameras, and then he was like 'oh, maybe you should check that stuff out then," shopper Melinda Kulas said.

There will be another sale on Sunday (April 22nd) from noon until 3 p.m.  If you're interested, the address is 1501 W. Market St. in Mequon.

CLICK HERE for more information via the Ivana's Trunk website.