Sue Black breaks her silence after being fired from Parks Dir. position

MILWAUKEE -- Sue Black broke her silence on Thursday, September 27th for the first time since being fired as Milwaukee County Parks Director. She says she's not bitter -- but excited about her future.

Black was recognized and honored by the Milwaukee County Board Thursday for her many accomplishments during her decade of service. Those include numerous awards, parks improvements and upgrades and fostering public-private partnerships.

"I guess at the end of the day I just hope I made you proud and that Milwaukee County is a better place for it," Black said.

Black's firing by County Executive Chris Abele was a surprise to Black and many others. He's never stated the reasons for the firing.

"Every decision I make here is about what I think in my judgement is going to get the best outcome for the people I serve. When it's personnel, sometimes the decisions are not easy," Abele said.

Black says even she doesn't know why she was fired. But does she plan to sue the County over the firing?

"Not at this time. I haven't. We looked at the options, but that's just not who I am. I've been so blessed, and when you read those accolades on these plaques -- nobody can take that away," Black said.

More than a year before the firing, Black turned down a job offer in Chicago to stay with Milwaukee County.

"It all works out in the really will. And, you just gotta go with it. You know, I'm healthy. We're good. There's bigger problems in the world -- there really is, and I still have so much to contribute," Black said.

Besides the County Board, even Abele wished Black well.

"Sue's done a lot of good work for the County and I think it's great that they gave her recognition for it," Abele said.

Black says she has not sent out one resume. Opportunities are coming to her. She has an idea of her next move -- and says it will allow her to stay here but work on a global scale.

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