'Such a great job:' Local companies donate time and materials to replace paralyzed man's floor

HUBERTUS -- Home is where the heart is, and that's especially true for a man paralyzed a few years ago. After major renovations to make his home handicap accessible, his floor started to collapse. He reached out to Contact 6 and an unexpected offer had him floored.

Greg Shurmann talks to Contact 6's Jenna Sachs in April about his disappointing floor.

In April, Contact 6 introduced viewers to Greg Shurmann. His DirectLoc laminate flooring was collapsing beneath the weight of his wheelchair months after installation.

"The product said it had a 50-year warranty on it, so I was thinking, 'Wow, that's great,'" Shurmann said at the time.

The flooring ended up being a big disappointment.

Greg Shurmann's old flooring

"It's separating both vertically and horizontally. Edges are coming up. It's shrinking," Shurmann said about the floor.

After hearing Shurmann's story, Andy Braun of Premier Floors volunteered his labor free of cost.

"Obviously, he's got enough going on with doctors appointments and challenges and his own situation, so he can put this behind him and enjoy being here," Braun said.

The new luxury vinyl plank donated by Stu's Flooring should be able to withstand the weight of Shurmann's wheelchair.

Andy Braun of Premier Floors installs new flooring donated by Stu's Flooring.

"It's glued directly to the sub floor and after the glue sets up virtually stays into place," explained Justin Hurd of Stu's Flooring. "This should last at least 20 years."

Premier Floors and Stu's Flooring took two days to complete the project, which included tearing out the old floor and installing the new one. Shurmann was happy with the final product.

Greg Shurmann shows off his new floor.

"Nothing moves. It's super quiet," Schurmann said about the new flooring.

Since Contact 6 talked to Shurmann in April, he spent 10 days in the hospital for an infection. The new floor was the perfect homecoming present.

"It's beautiful. I think it looks way better than before," he said. "They did such a great job. Great people."

Shurmann's new flooring is often found in commercial buildings and should not move around or shift like his old free floating floor.