Stuffed cow saves 2-year-old after he tumbles out window

BOSTON – A 2-year-old boy dodged serious injury with the help of a fuzzy friend, the stuffed cow that broke his fall after he tumbled through a second-story window around 4:40 p.m. Wednesday.

Luis Eduardo Gomez was jumping on a bed inside the Chelsea, Massachusetts home when an unfortunate bounce sent him flying out the window, according to The Boston Globe.

He fell roughly 16 feet, landing on a concrete slab in the family's yard.

The boy's great-uncle, Luis Estrada, was in the next room watching television when the accident happened. “I was paralyzed," He told the paper. "We rushed down to get him and we grabbed him; he was shaken.”

"Thankfully the stuffed cow broke his fall," said Chelsea Police Chief Brian Kyes. Luis suffered minor injuries and was taken to Massachusetts General Hospital for treatment and overnight observation.

"God saved him, the cow helped," Estrada said.