Study: Non-drinkers more likely to call in sick to work vs. moderate drinkers

MILWAUKEE -- When it comes to calling in sick for work, people who don't drink alcohol are more likely to call in than their peers who drink an average amount.

Finnish researchers surveyed nearly 50,000 in Europe -- asking about their alcohol use and the number of sick days they reported over the course of several years.

The study shows that when compared to moderate drinkers, people who either avoided alcohol completely, or were heavy drinkers, were more likely to call out from work.

The team notes some people may not drink alcohol because they have other conditions or take medications that you cannot mix with booze.

Experts have cited other limitations -- such as the study being conducted in Europe, where lifestyle and drinking habits may be different than other place. Additionally, the information on drinking habits was self-reported.

Study authors hope their results help employers intervene when they see someone calling out frequently.

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