Students witness aftermath of drinking, texting while driving

CUDAHY -- It wasn't the typical action Cudahy High School students see on their football field, as first responders set up a mock crash Tuesday, April 17th to illustrate the dangers of drunk driving and texting while driving.

Just like a real accident -- the students didn't see it coming. Classes were all of a sudden sent out to the football field where a mock crash scene was on display. "They went head on with each other. That's really scary. I'm like, still shaking. I like, never want that to happen ever," Cudahy High School senior Jodie Kaebisch said.

The purpose of this program called "Forever Changed," is to show students the devastating impact a serious crash can have on the entire school. "We portrayed a two-car crash where we had a drunk driver and a student in the other car who was texting and was unable to react in time to the oncoming car," Froedtert Hospital Injury Prevention Coordinator Lisa Hass-Peters said.

Police officers, firefighters and paramedics responded to the accident. "I think it really does hit home in our city, and it can happen to anybody, and we see it on a regular basis," Cudahy Fire Battalion Chief Gary Posda said.

In the scenario, the student actors suffered serious injuries, and Flight for Life was brought in to show students what can happen when you make dangerous decisions behind the wheel. "Seeing this is probably what's really going to happen if someone does drink at a post party or something, and I'd hate for it to be one of my friends," Cudahy High School senior Samuel Carrao said.

"Honestly, if we reach one student we're happy. If we can save one life. Obviously, if we can save more lives it's even better," Hass-Peters said.

Later in the day, students reassembled for a video presentation and to learn about the short and long-term effects of injuries the students suffered in the mock crash.